2018 Overview

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you for all those who followed my progress throughout the 2018 season, it was a year filled with a lot of highs and lows with a lot of learning in between.  Overall I am very pleased with it as I felt I grew a lot as a person as well as a player.  I have been lucky enough to sit back and reflect on the year and take a lot of lessons from it as well as my first 4 round victory as a professional.

It was a year where I played 29 events across 3 tours between Australasia, Asia and the USA.  I took 60 flights and spent over 320 hours in the air alone.  Whilst not quite hitting my goal of playing 30 tournaments in 2018, I feel that 29 was quite a big schedule and accomplished my goal of trying to saturate myself back into tournament golf.  For me to get where I need to go, I need to become comfortable with that kind of saturation of events.  Though it was a big schedule compared for me personally, it certainly taught me a lot about my tournament preparation and management.  The year ahead looks as though it could be same if not more challenging which I am excited about.

With a new year comes some additional goals facilitating me to slowly work my way towards the PGA Tour.  My play last year was good enough for me to avoid any qschools on any of the current tours I have been playing on, which are the Australasian Tour, PGT-Asia and the Philippine Golf Tour.  This year I am looking to add to that by entering the Qualifying tournament for the PGA Tour China Series in mid February which will add an extra challenge to my golf and push the growth of my game where I feel it needs to be.  My major goal this year is to simply win more and try to be a better golfer tomorrow than I was yesterday

Here we go 2019!

I will certainly be working hard to get more trophies like this one is 2019!



2 thoughts on “2018 Overview

  1. Hi Tim , well played , and keep up the hard work 😓, it will definitely pay off !! All the best , Paul B

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