PGT-Asia Qualifying

For those who follow my blog, you may be wondering why I was back in the Philippines for another tour qualifying tournament, here is why. Last year, the Philippines Golf Tour (PGT) Inc. launched a new initiative for golf in Asia and called it the PGT-Asia as opposed to their local tour the ‘PGT’.  The aim of the PGT-Asia is to have an open tour to attract some of the best players in Asia and provide a better playing opportunity for both Filipino players by increasing the level of competition with an open international field.  This year the schedule boasts a minimum of 10 events all worth a minimum of $100k USD.


The field was comprised of 132 players with a top 60 cut after 2 days and then leaving it all to play for with only 40 tour cards available.
With regards to my play, I struck the ball really solid with my stats application showing me I was averaging around 14 greens per round but also that I had a putter that wasn’t listening all too well.  I had a disappointing last few holes of the event but despite that I finished on +5 for the tournament, which was 1 shot inside the final cut of +6 for the top 40.  For me, this was job 1 done for the trip


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