VIC Open

After a quick stop in Altanta from Bogota, it was time to get back in the air and head straight to Melbourne and down to Barwon Heads for the VIC Open being played at 13th Beach Golf Club.  13th Beach is a fantastic 36 hole facility and hosts this unique event where both men’s and women’s events are played in conjunction.  The format for this event is fantastic and from my perspective I can’t wait for more events like this to appear on both the mens and womens schedules.

In true ‘international traveller’ fashion after my trip from Atlanta to Melbourne via Houston and Auckland, it was straight to the course on the Tuesday morning from the airport.  I managed to walk one of the courses on Tuesday without collapsing from fatigue, which was a definite bonus!

I am very pleased to say that all my hard work during the week in Bogota paid off well for me and I played really strong golf in high winds to make the Top 60 cut on the number at even par.  I then played really well in the 3rd round and was 4 under par with 3 holes to go but an unfortunate finish saw me miss the 3 round cut of -2 however I was extremely pleased with my Tie 40th finish and a big boost in my confidence

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