Web.Com QSchool results

Unfortunately, the news is not as good as I would have liked to be writing in this update as my journey to the Web.Com tour has come to and end for this year.  I played really well the whole week shown by some key stats like 15 greens in regulation average and fairways hit at 75%.  My putter felt good and I only recorded 3 bogeys for the whole week (unfortunately this went with a double and a triple bogey).  The scoring was incredibly low with -12 being the cut off to progress through to the next stage.  I had an eagle putt on my 66th hole to get to -8 which narrowly missed and meant I would need a miracle to finish at -12 which then caused my first mental error for the week and a tournament ending triple on my next hole.  I still finished strong, narrowly missing birdies on the remaining 4 holes but the result remained the same.

I did not walk off the course too disappointed as I had set myself an enormous challenge in a ridiculously short space of time.  I also at one point during my final round, realised that it was my first 4 round tournament since November 2014.  The experience I gained from last week has only shown me what I need to do as I already feel that my game has quickly moved back to the next level and potentially further.  One of the most encouraging things about my strong performance last week is that I was actually in contention to progress through to the next stage with still so many areas that I can improve.  Most of my competitors, in fact all that were ahead of me had been playing and practicing the entire year for this event.  The takeaway from this is that if I can have my game in this position in 2 months, imagine where I can be in another two months.  The sky is the limit and good workload will guarantee my success.  Thanks again to all who followed my progress and sent me kind messages of support, you can be sure that this is not the end but only the beginning for my game moving forwards.

3 thoughts on “Web.Com QSchool results

  1. Tim, I was following you and I am glad that you are taking positives out if this. Please reach out to me… I consider you s great player and I would love to reconnect with you. Please contact me here, or reach me directly at 407-350-7785. Take care, Dr. Bob Winters.
    Orlando. Florida.

  2. Sounds like some good stats Tim, I think you are right to be relatively pleased at this stage of your comeback.
    Keep the progress going.

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